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Frederick H. Kreismann

Frederick H Kreismann was born in Quincy IL on August 7, 1869.  He was educated in the public schools of Quincy and Saint Louis.  In 1902 he married Miss Pauline Whiteman and they had two children.  After leaving Central High School in Saint Louis, he was employed in civil engineering and surveying work.

Mr. Kreismann entered the insurance business in 1890 as a clerk in the office of the German Mutual Fire Insurance Company of St Louis.  From 1891 to 1893 he was a special agent and adjuster for the Aetna Insurance Company, State of Nebraska.  In 1893 he became more closely connected with the local insurance business in St. Louis.  Later he became a member of Kreismann Theegarten Agency.

Frederick Kreismann was interested in politics as a young man.  He was a Circuit Clerk in 1905 and elected to the office of Mayor in 1909.

insurance agency Saint Louis, Missouri

Term: 1909-1913

8/7/1869 - 11/1/1944

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